CAD/RMS/Mobile Systems


Police mobile command center

Mobile Real-Time Information In The Field

Make sure that your police officers have the most up-to-date information available to them with mobile information software solutions from the experts in the law enforcement technology field, Nexgen Public Safety Solutions. We've been serving towns, municipalities, cities, and state agencies for over 20 years!

Mobile Solutions For The Modern World

Our mobile software solutions provide real-time information to your police on our CAD systems, providing them with situational awareness, incident locations, and other vital information. Our solutions also let your officers know who is coming to assist them and can even print out electronic tickets.

We can also integrate our software onto an iPad application for fire and EMS personnel.

Optimize Your Response Time

If your police, fire department or EMS has no computers, or uses antiquated technology and hardware, your have no true mobile solution where information is flowing between dispatch and your officers in the field. Talk with one of our professionals to learn more about bringing real-time access to critical information and situational awareness to your department. The results are immediate: quicker response times and increased knowledge of what's going on before they arrive at the scene.
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