CAD/RMS/Mobile Systems



The Standard In Public Safety Software Solutions

For over 20 years, Nexgen Public Safety Solutions has been providing the software systems and solutions that police departments, fire departments, and EMS providers need to serve the public. We are the standard in law enforcement technology and provide towns, cities, and states with the next generation of public safety software products and support with our Law Enforcement Administration System (LEAS).

Software That Produces Results

Enjoy a full interactive operations suite integrating CAD, RMS, Mobile AVL, E-Ticket, and E-Commerce software and capabilities with LEAS. Optimize the performance of your department or agency, increase your efficiency, and respond to any situation with the intelligence and information that you need.

Our software centralizes your database to enable your data to be used continuously in the necessary application. This improves your workflow and streamlines intelligence throughout the lifecycle of the system.  

We implement spherical technology for our systems to allow better flexibility, scalability, and performance. And you work with one provider to serve your dynamic environment for simplified use and support.

LEAS Primary Function Areas

  • Computer-aided dispatch
  • Records management systems (RMS)
  • 36 Seamless Modules to run your Agency

With all three of these areas in an integrated system, you can enjoy the speed and ease of access of LEAS. Data entry is reduced and investigative work is made easier by sharing data throughout the entire system.

Infrastructure For Your Systems

We'll also provide you with turnkey hardware solutions for your critical operations to help you better save lives. We can improve your efficiency with solutions from top providers such as: 
  • VMware Solutions
  • Storage and Backup Recovery Solutions (SAN)
  • Dell Ruggized Toughbooks
  • Zebra E-Ticket Printers
  • Evidence Printers
  • Sierra Wireless Modems
  • Hunter Smart Shot Photo Booking Bundle

Mobile And Network Solutions

Take advantage of our mobile emergency management software for Apple iPhone. Enjoy a public safety software at your fingertips while you're on the go. There's no need for a separate system to receive emergency calls and alerts.

We can also maximize your IT performance with our network services. We can maintain your network with onsite or remote support, provide in-depth monitoring and reporting, set up backup and recovery measures, and implement your network upgrades with little downtime. 
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