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Chief Gene Labonte 
Salem State University Police
Salem, Massachusetts

Our agency transitioned to Nexgen Public Safety Solutions in 2013. At the time Nexgen had a great deal of experience in Connecticut but was new to the Massachusetts market. In fact we were the first agency to go live with their CAD/RMS product. While transitioning vital services to a vendor with limited experience in the region is typically unnerving, I did not hesitate to move forward with Nexgen. I had experience working with Nexgen in Connecticut and therefore I had confidence in their products and staff. Their software products are robust and user friendly. Law enforcement officers can be resistant to change and as such the rollout of new software such as a CAD/RMS system must be undertaken thoughtfully and delicately. The staff at Nexgen exceeded expectations in this regard. The programming/development staff worked tirelessly with our agency from designing our incident report templates to data migration. The training staff provided exceptional instruction to officers and dispatchers prior to go live and continues to make themselves available for any questions that might arise. Most recently the Nexgen staff worked in collaboration with Massachusetts CJIS to achieve the necessary certification allowing seamless integration between CJIS and the CAD/RMS platform. This has proved to be an invaluable resource for our officers.
I have worked with Nexgen in some form and at some organizational level in two states for over 15 years. It has been a great relationship. The staff at Nexgen treats you like a family. They are willing to assist in any way that they can and the staff is knowledgeable about their products as well as the needs of the officers, dispatchers and managerial staff. I would highly recommend them to any agency.
Phil Halibozek
Retired - Connecticut State Police

Nexgen gave us the capabilities that we needed and made everything we asked for reality!
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